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Dedicated Servers

Best Managed Dedicated Server

Having a dedicated server is a great advantage, since it will provide you with entire server just for your self. This means that you will be able to use all its resources for your web sites, without worrying about any limitations like on a shared hosting.To build your own dedicated hosting server can be very expensive, and requires great technical skills.The alternative to that is to purchase such a server from a professional web hosting provider.


HQ Dedicated Hosting

If you need a dedicated server with powerful hardware configuration and generous amounts of resources, like disk space, traffic, and memory, at a cost effective price, you should choose Resellers Panel as your web hosting provider. Their great dedicated hosting plans are unmatched with their performance and low prices. Even more, with their reseller hosting program you can offer dedicated server hosting to others and make money with each sale you make.


Cheap Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server hosting offered by Resellers Panel.com is using the best possible hardware - fast Intel processors, lots of ram, fast gigabit network cards, raid massives that back up your information. Resellers Panel.com guarantees you 99.9% network uptime. The servers are also located in secure data centers, using only the best Internet Providers, which allows your sites to be opened fast from every country in the world.


Hosting Reseller Services

Reseller Hosting Model

The in-house created Wallet scheme provided by ResellersPanel gives you an opportunity to have a fee-free checking reseller hosting account. By depositing funds in your Wallet, you'll be able to spend them on various wholesale-priced web hosting services anytime you decide to purchase, for example, an SSL certificate or a Private DNS Cluster. With this flexible Wallet system you avoid going through the time-consuming payment procedure whenever you make an order from your Reseller Control Panel.


Free Reseller Web Hosting

Resellers Panel's Free Reseller Programs is absolutely free. The program does not require of you to invest anything at all in order to be able to re-sell services such as: web hosting reseller packages, VPS hosting(VPS is short for Virtual Private Server), Dedicated Hosting and semi-dedicated packages. A control panel will be provided to you, so you can easily manage all the settings for your web-store.


Free Top Reseller Hosting

ResellersPanel is a top reseller web hosting provider. You will have full control over the accounts of your customers. You will be able to access each activated customer's account directly from your Reseller Control Panel and order services at wholesale prices when necessary. Additionally, you will have the possibility to customize the Upgrades section of your customers' Web Hosting Control Panel, enable/disable separate subsections and even more.


VPS Server Hosting

Virtual Private Servers Hosting

As shared hosting accounts have restricted capacities and a dedicated server is too costly for most people, given hosting companies provide a third web space hosting service type - the VPS web server. The VPSs are managed via a virtualization console where users can view all running tasks and stop or restart them, update server-side software applications, view the used up and the free resources, and much more.


VPS Hosting In UK

To answer the demand for economical, but reliable hosting services, suppliers started a transitional web hosting solution - the Virtual Private Server. A basic Virtual Private Server plan is a bit more expensive than the most powerful shared web site hosting plan, but its resources exceed decidedly those of the shared web hosting plan. VPS hosting plans within the UK, powered by an elegant, modern and stylish web hosting Control Panel (at no extra cost).


VPS Hosting Definition

VPS web hosting is probably the most flexible and versatile, web hosting solution available today. It can be used for practically any web hosting purpose that you think of and, in addition, it comes at quite a reasonable price.It is well on its way to becoming the most widely used web hosting service, although the majority of people still consider the shared hosting accounts as the best hosting service to go with.


Free Hosting

Good Free Hosting

FreeHostia offers free Linux hosting with PHP/MySQL and e-mail and a long list of additional features. If you are looking for a free web hosting company, which could deliver excellent performance and many features, you should take a look at Free Hostia. The free hosting package allows you to host 5 separate websites in the same account. There are also inexpensive upgrade options.


Free CMS Hosting

With a free open-source CMS and the free web hosting plan you can easily start your website without having any technical or programming experience. At FreeHostia you can choose between several popular free CMS, which you can install directly from your web hosting control panel.Content Management Systems, referred to as CMS, are very popular web applications used by webmasters for creating interactive websites. FreeHostia offers a reliable free hosting plan, specially optimized for CMS.


Free phpbb Hosting

With the free web hosting plan offered by FreeHostia, you get free forum hosting with phpBB installed automatically for you. Just select phpBB from the list of available free web applications when you signup. phpBB is one of the most popular forum scripts today. Starting a community forum has never been easier, thanks to FreeHostia and the free phpBB forum script included with every web hosting package, including the free hosting plan.


Hosting Services

Website Hosting Warehouse

Unlimited data storage and monthly bandwidth in a single personal web hosting account with Lonex - a leading hosting and domain name registration services provider.As its name denotes, hosting is a service, which involves hosting web content. There are different varieties and kinds of website hosting, depending on the purpose and on the usage.


Electric Website Hosting

Lonex's unmetered business web hosting package costs just $4.95 per month. Host unmetered domains & sub domains (sites). Unmetered web space and data transfer. A web host is in fact a web hosting service that is connected to the World Wide Web and has its very own IP address, which permits people to have access to it through the Web.


Refined Business Hosting

Host unlimited domains & sub domains under one business shared web hosting account with Lonex.com - a solid web hosting and domain registration supplier. The server's configuration and its limitations are subject to the kind of web hosting solution it will be utilized for.


Register Domains

Canada Domain Registrar

The .CA domain registrar is a physical entity or an organization that has been certified by the main domain registry (in this case CIRA is the domain registry for .CA domains.) to do registrations, transfers and renewals of .CA domains. At the moment CIRA has more than 150 certified registrars and during 2008 over a million .CA domains were registered.


.NAME Domain

.The .NAME domain is a preferred choice by more and more Internet consumers. If you are in need for web hosting, that will guarantee the protection and security for your .NAME domains we offer you to take a look at the web hosting services of NTCHosting.com.Because of the great popularity of the dot NAME domains, the available for registration domains decrease rapidly.


Register .COM Domains

If you are looking for quality web hosting for your .COM domains, have a look at the web hosting services that NTCHosting.com has to offer because they are on affordable prices and provide you with all the necessary options and functions for the management of your domain names. The abbreviation for COM comes from commercial and that words explains best what the initial intention for the domain name was.